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Excel is a spreadsheet that Microsoft develops. Excel is widely used for analyzing, organizing, and manipulating the various data for the organization. In today’s article, you should be known all the formula of Excel which is given below and also you can download the All Excel Formulas PDF on your mobile with the help of the link, which is given in the article. so stay with us.

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What Is Excel ?

In today’s time making data and analyzing them is very easy with the help of Excel tool. this tool is developed by the giant software company, Microsoft. With the help of Excel, you can make any chart data or report within minutes.

This is a very powerful tool that is now used by all the company and organizations to make their data and report very easily. It also offers a lot of features and functions that allow a user to perform thought calculations, and make data in a visually appealing manner.

Now Excel sheet is commonly used in financial accounting, data analysis, and many other areas where analysis is required.

All Excel Formulas PDF List For Online

an excel formula is an expression to perform various tasks, like sum, average, count, and many more. here I am given a list of formula which is commonly used in Excel spreadsheet.

1To create a new SheetCtrl + N
2To open an existing spreadsheetCtrl + O
3To save a spreadsheetCtrl + S
4To close the current spreadsheetCtrl + W
5To close ExcelCtrl + F4
6To move to the next sheetCtrl + PageDown
7To move to the previous sheetCtrl + PageUp
8To go to the Data tabAlt + A
9 go to the View tabAlt + W
10 go the Formula tab Alt + M
11To edit a cellF2
12copy and paste cellsCtrl + C,  Ctrl + V
13To center align cell contentsAlt + H + A + C
14 go to the Formula tabTo fill color in cell
15 To add a borderAlt + H + B
16To fill color in cellCtrl + Shift + _
17To add an outline to the select cells Ctrl + Shift + &
18 To move to the next cellTab
19To move to the previous cellShift + Tab
20To select all the cells on the rightCtrl + Shift + Right arrow
21To Select all the cells on the left Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow
22To select the column from the selected cell to the end of the tableCtrl + Shift + Down Arrow
23To select all the cells above the selected cellCtrl + Shift + Up Arrow
24To select all the cells below the selected cell Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow
25To add a comment to a cellShift + F2
26To delete a cell commentShift + F10 + D
27To display find and replaceCtrl + H
28To activate the filterCtrl + Shift + L, Alt + Down Arrow
29To insert the current dateCtrl +
30To remove the outline borderCtrl + Shift +
31To insert a hyperlinkCtrl + k
32To apply the currency formatCtrl + Shift + $
33To select the entire rowShift + Space
34To select the entire columnCtrl + Space
35To delete a column Alt+H+D+C
36To delete a rowShift + Space
37To hide selected row Ctrl + 9
38To insert the current timeCtrl + Shift + 9
39To hide a selected columnCtrl + 0
40To unhide a selected column Ctrl + Shift + 0
41To group rows or columnsAlt + Shift + Right arrow
42To ungroup rows or columnsAlt + Shift + Left arrow
43To group pivot table itemsAlt + Shift + Right arrow
44To ungroup pivot table itemsAlt + Shift + Left arrow
45To hide pivot table itemsCtrl + –

MS Excel Formula list

SUM Excel Formula :SUM(number1, [number2] )calculate the sum of a cell
AVERAGE Excel Formula :AVERAGE(number1, [number2], …)Calculate the average of the cell
MAX & MIN Excel Formula :=MAX(A2:A5)
return the min & max value of cell
COUNT & COUNTA Formula :COUNT(value1, [value2], …)count the number of cell that contain a number
IF Excel Formula :IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])if perform a logical test
TRIM Excel Formula := TRIM (A1)
LEN Excel Formula :=LEN (text)Return the number of character
CONCATENATE Excel Formula :CONCATENATE(text1, [text2], …)join together two or more text


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